SMART VMS (Visitor Management System)

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has affected our daily life and business operation seriously. To address the new norm, daily business operation and our lifestyle needs to change based on innovation and technology.

Traditional visitor management system is no longer suitable and comply with COVID-19 entry protocol for visitor. This resulted in excessive manual work such as visitor temperature recording, tracking and alerts reporting. This has affected guard house productivity and efficiency.

SMART VSM is a moden web based system which is specially designed to cater for new norm and meeting the protocol of COVID-19 visitor entry. It connects to intelligent face recognition camera with infra red temperature measurement. Alert will be generated if the measured temperature is above 37.5 degree.

SMART VMS will automate the entire visitor entry process right from visit approval process through mobile app, health status declaration until on-site entry verification through AI face recognition camera. It can handle both walk in visitor or by appointment. At the end of meeting, the host shall acknowledge the visit through mobile app. Management has complete information on what happening on their operation.

Applications of SMART VMS :

SMART VSM is suitable for factory, commercial building, apartment, condominium, hospital, reception of office, and other areas where visitor tracking is crucial. If necessary, SMART VSM could be customize to meet certain specific requirements


Key Functions & Features :

A powerful and automated visitor management system with significant cost saving and productivity increment.

Key Benefits :

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