SMART QC for Glove Industry

In glove industry, quality assurance and control is one of the critical activities to ensure the final product is meeting the required specifications.  Traditionally, QC activities involve a lot of tedious and time consuming work, right from measurement, testing and report generation.  Furthermore, these processes are prone to human error.  Very often, traditional QC is considered as after event activities, meaning by the time nonconformance is detected, rejects been produced.

Inline with industry 4.0 direction, SMART QC is a revolutionize solutions which automate the entire quality assurance and control activities. It is action driven and focus on prevention.


  • Smart factory
  • Integrate machine to computer / system
  • Real time quality performance monitoring (rejects, yield, rework, scrap, etc.)
  • Reduce cost, increase productivity & profitability


SMART QC will streamline and automate quality assurance and quality control process which starts from auto data capturing from various testing devices, data integrity control, generation of COA and alerts to trigger preventive actions. Through big data analysis, it enables management to have full control on production processes



Key Functions & Features :
A powerful and fully automated QA & QC system with significant cost saving and productivity increment.

Key Benefits :

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