BO 200

BO 200 – Statistical Data Analysis Through JMP Software – 2 days

This is an introductory training for both new users to JMP and those existing users who would like to fully utilize the available features and tools of JMP. Our instructors deliver critical JMP knowledge and helpful tips using a combination of expertly designed lectures and software demonstrations, question-and-answer sessions and hands-on computer workshops for an interactive learning experience. With the combination of software and training, you’ll have everything you need to make one dynamic discovery after another.

Learn how to
Navigate the JMP interface
Manage data effectively in JMP
Explore data by using JMP software’s extensive graphical capabilities
Perform numerical and graphical analysis
Interpretation of analysis results
Create and manage reports in JMP.

Training Approach
This practical course combines classroom teaching, practical exercises, and group discussion with actual factory based projects to provide a complete action learning experience. The course has been designed to enable all participants leave the training room with a set of new knowledge, tools, skills and direct experience of how to use JMP software for statistical quality analysis in a real company setting.

Prerequisite: Nil
Training facilities: Computer Installed with JMP Software and LCD projector

Course contents

Section 1 : Introduction to JMP software
Basic features of JMP
Modeling types
Overview of data table properties
Navigating with JMP software
Data table, report, project, and journal
Row and column properties
Importing data with JMP
Assign formula
Reporting and presenting results
Case study and assignment

Section 2 : Data Exploration & manipulation
Bivariate analysis
Y by X platform
Mosaic plot, Bar chart, line plot and contingency table
Introduction to distribution menu
Histogram & box-plots
Cumulative distribution function plot (CDF)
Mean, variability, outliers and shape of distribution
Interaction between graph and data table
Distribution menu & fit distribution
Interpretation of quantile box plot
Stem and leaf plot
Case study and assignment

Section 3 : Graphical analysis
Powerful graph builder and tabulate function
Pareto chart
Ishikawa diagram for root cause analysis
Bubble plot
Multivariate analysis
Overlay plot
Time series plot
Scatter plot
Interpretation of graph and analysis results
Case study and practical assignment

Section 4 : Statistical Process Control chart and process capability study

Introduction to control chart functions
Variable chart such as IR chart, Xbar R and S chart
Attribute control chart such as p chart, u chart, c and np chart
Chart pattern detection function
Process capability study.
Case study and practical assignment

Who should attend: Managers, engineers, executives and supervisors who will use JMP software to perform statistical data analysis for process and quality improvement.

Delivery: Classroom lecture, hands-on practice, assignments and case studies.

Duration: 2 days (9am – 5pm)

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