Advance Technique

As a team, we create a customized operation improvement solution to our clients. First, we listen to our clients, developing an understanding of their needs and requirements, so we can establish a plan designed to produce rapid tangible results. Second, our process improvement approach incorporates the delivery methods of knowledge transfer and professional support services. Third, we utilize state of the art techniques and technology to help our clients to achieve the pre-defined targets through systematic approach.

Practical example

A manufacturing company would like to optimize one of their production processes such that to achieve highest yield and lowest production cost. A design of experiment was conducted. By referring to the simulation chart below (before), the required target for yield (above 80% ) was not achieved consistently due to excessive process variation and inappropriate parameters setting.

Before process optimization

before service

Visual Statistical Data Analysis Methodology

After process optimization

Base on the previous simulation chart, the process parameters were optimized with recommended process window as shown below. In order to achieve the required yield which is above 80% and production cost below $400, the recommended process parameter settings are, flow rate : 10, speed : 12, pressure : 240 and temperature : 60. The process windows were identified as well. By using this advanced simulation techniques, processes can be optimized efficiently without trial and error.

after serviceVisual Statistical Data Analysis Methodology


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