JMP Statistical Discovery Software

JMP Statistical Discovery Software

Very often, we hear people complaining an organization has plenty of data but not fully utilize to identify areas for improvement and generate strategic business or operational decision. One of the main reasons is due to lack of proper tool to help management to explore the data effectively and efficiently. The ability to convert data into accurate operational decision in short time frame and cost effective manner will definitely increase the competitive edge of an organization.

Get a competitive edge with JMP
JMP as the heart of your quality program incorporate a wide range of statistical and graphical features enable you to prevent problem before they occur, reduce errors, optimize processes, make better, smarter decisions, and greatly improve their return on investment (ROI)

What JMP software can do for you ?
JMP software is widely used in various industries such as semiconductor, electronic, chemical and plastics, manufacturing, oil and gas, biotechnology, government, pharmaceuticals, etc.
Application areas include:

  • Visual six sigma
  • Reliability
  • Business visualization
  • Design of experiment (DOE)
  • Analytical application development
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Interactive data mining
  • Quality
  • Modeling
  • Statistics

JMP offers unique capabilities as follow
a. User friendly and shorter learning cycle
JMP is easy to learn and use. You don’t need a degree in statistics or programming experience to use JMP. Whether you have high level technical users or a user with no experience, JMP software is flexible and adaptable with a short learning curve.


b. Interactive graphical & numerical analysis
Data in JMP are linked. Click one area in a histogram, and all coordinating points are highlighted in open data tables and graphs. JMP allows you to continuously explore your data from all angles, helping you to detect both patterns as well as outliers.


c. Progressive analysis
JMP software is designed such that all the relevant tools are grouped according to the needs of particular analysis. For example, when you plot histogram, you may need to perform normality test, use box plot to identify outlier, perform process capability analysis, carry out one sample t- test, etc. This enables data analysis carry out in an efficient and productive manner.

d. Attain product & process improvement
Design of experiment (DOE) is an important tool to optimize product and process improvement especially when it involves many process parameters. In addition to offering all the classical design, JMP also provides powerful custom design feature which allows you to produce optimal designs in the least number of runs and modify your design interactively.


e. Detect, analyze and solve problem
JMP provides a complete set of quality control tools, including numerous control charts, capability analysis and gage R&R. JMP allows you to receive warnings with alarm script, make adjustments quickly, reduce unit cost, reduce variability and increase customer satisfaction.


f. Reduce errors and get consistent results every time
JMP Scripting Language (JSL) makes it possible to record, repeat, program, automate and customize tasks for those that generate data as well as those who analyze data. By using scripts, JMP Scripting Language assures consistent results and reduces the probability of error from user to user. Additionally, advanced users can create more complex templates that less experienced users can operate easily.

g. Readily access your data
JMP makes accessing your data hassle-free. Flexile and powerful, JMP allows you easy access to your data no matter where it resides. Read Microsoft Excel and Access files, Oracle or other databases directly and query relational databases. With JMP, you can also transfer data directly from quality assurance equipment and machine for immediate access.


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