Shop Floor QC System

Shop Floor Online QC System for Low Volume High Mix Industry / Mass Production Environment

Traditionally, QC personnel will use hard copy QC inspection sheet to perform both inspection and measurement job. Due to high variety of parts or components, large number of QC check sheets will be generated for this purpose. After measurement or inspection, results will be recorded manually in QC check sheet. Subsequently, it will be entered in Excel spread sheet for SPC / Cpk calculation or report compilation. It is hard for management to have instant data visualization to find out ongoing shop floor performance.

This system is suitable for both low-volume high-mix industry as well as mass production environment. It allow users to import QC check sheet (Excel spread sheet) to the system without the need of manual data entry again. Once this is done, QC personnel in the shop floor could performance measurement by using the equipment which is connected to the system.It allows online data collection which eventually could be used for SPC monitoring and report compilation such as to find out the total number of NC lot, percentage of reject, production line performance, supplier performance, etc. Furthermore, this system has the function to handle rework or re-inspection cases for better tractability. It has build in sampling level selection to facilitate the capturing of both variable and attribute data.


Online measurement or QC inspection without manual data entry.
Online process monitoring which allow early preventive measures.
Online shop floor information will facilitate fast action for improvement.
Online information allow management to find out what happening in the shop floor.
Better quality control results in higher customer satisfaction.
Increase company competitive advantage.
Minimize shop floor waste or rejects.

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