BO 201

BO 201 – Hypothesis Test, ANOVA and Regression Analysis – 2 days

Introduction :
This course is designed for those existing users who would like to fully utilize the available features and tools of JMP. This course covers analysis of data with a single or multiple continuous response variable using analysis of variance and regression methods. Important statistical concepts such as confidence intervals, power and sample size, p-value, lack of fit, correlation, etc. are also introduced.

Learn how to:
compare two means using a t-test
generate and interpret an analysis of variance to compare more than two means
analyze relationships between continuous variables using simple and multiple linear regression models
perform an analysis of covariance to incorporate continuous predictors
Evaluate assumptions in statistical hypothesis testing.

Training Approach
This practical course combines classroom teaching, practical exercises, and group discussion with actual factory based projects to provide a complete action learning experience. The course has been designed to enable all participants leave the training room with a set of new knowledge, tools, skills and direct experience of how to use JMP software for statistical quality analysis in a real company setting.

Prerequisite: Statistical Data Analysis Through JMP software
Training facilities: Computer installed with JMP software and LCD projector

Course contents :

1. Introduction to comparative experiment (hypothesis test)
Introduction to statistics
Inferential and descriptive statistics
Basic concepts and understanding of hypothesis test
Steps to perform hypothesis test
Introduction to p-value
Applications of comparative experiment

2. Comparing Mean
JMP functions for hypothesis test
Power and sample size analysis
One sample t test and z test
Two samples t-test
Tests for Equal Variance
Paired t-test and its application
Nonparametric test
Interpretation of results
Practical case study and assignment

3. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
Basic concepts and understanding
JMP functions for ANOVA
One way vs two way ANOVA
Two way ANOVA with multiple responses
Compare means : Tukey HSD & Dunett-test
Balanced ANOVA vs General Linear Model
Main effect and interaction plot
Interpretation of results
Practical case study and assignment


4. Correlations and Multivariate Analysis
Correlations multivariate
Inverse correlations and partial correlations
Pairwise correlations
Scatter plot matrix
Outlier analysis
Interpretation of results
Practical case study and assignment

5. Regression analysis
Simple Regression
Polynomial Regression
Visualizing the least squares estimates
Fitting model to continuous data
Fitting a multiple regression model with interactions
Eliminating one predictor at a time to build a better model
Generating and comparing candidate models
Interpretation of results
Practical case study and assignment

Who should attend: Managers, engineers, executives, researchers and six sigma practitioners who will use JMP software to perform ANOVA and regression analysis for process and quality improvement.

Delivery: Classroom lecture, hands-on practice, simulation game, assignments and case studies.

Duration: 2 days (9am – 5pm)

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