SMART HRM is a fully integrated HR solutions.  It specially design to comply with COVID-19 SOP.  It links to face recognition camera with infrared body temperature measurement, COVID-19 traceability, mobile app, time attendance, payroll, E-leave, E-Claim, E-Appraisal, staff KPI monitoring and employee self-service portal.

SMART HRM mobile app allow user to complete HR operation with few clicks

Flexibility to run on cloud or local server. Allow user to access from anywhere using any devices.  Offer high flexibility and easy to use.       

SMART HRM is specially designed by HR expert to cater for new norm after COVID-19. SMART HRM allows staff to check in or out through face recognition camera with infrared body temperature measurement, traditional finger print, mobile QR code or RFID card. SMART HRM mobile app has functions such as E-leave application, E-claim, company & personal calendar, assign task, E-pay slip, attendance tracking, etc.  SMART HRM online dashboard provide management with instant info on daily attendance, month attendance, salary tracking, employment tracking, punctuality tracking etc. 

Key Functions & Features:
A powerful and proven SMART HRM system complies with Malaysia regulations and assists organizations to streamline HR management process with significant cost saving and productivity increment.

Key Benefits:

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