SMART QMS – Audit Management Module

Audit Management System for ISO & IATF Compliance




Multiple international certification is a norm in today competitive market place. Each of the standards require regular audit to be performed to ensure effective implementation of management system and compliance of requirements.

Challenges :

Inefficient and difficult to maintain:
Paper-based and hybrid systems for audit management system are inexpensive initially. In long term, however, these systems are inefficient, requiring tremendous man-hours in terms of routing root cause analysis and other documentation, manual retrieval of documents during customer verification and audits.


No Integration and information Sharing:
Audit finding will be initiated during both internal and external audit. With manual and hybrid systems, the related information is not connected, making root cause analysis slow and incomplete. Without connectivity, critical information may fall through the cracks, and the root cause investigation is likely to be unreliable.


Lack of Root Cause Analysis Oversight:
Poor implementation of audit management process is the top reason for issuance of non-compliance during internal or external audit which may stem from the lack of ability to track and monitor open corrective action request and proactively improve the root cause analysis process

Blue Ocean audit management system is designed by industry practitioners and experienced quality consultant for automating audit management process in any organization.
An automated audit management system reduces audit time and findings, and increase productivity and decreases risk of non-compliance. It improves customer satisfaction, and ensures ISO compliance


Key benefits and feature:
Blue Ocean audit management system allows you to track and manage the scheduling, details, and the results of your audits. This module is packed with user friendly reporting, integration with corrective and preventive actions, integration with document control, and email alerting.


  • Work flow control to handle each audit finding to ensure required action is done and implemented effectively
  • Each audit finding could associate with relevant ISO clauses
  • Capability to keep track recurrence of audit findings
  • Auto deadline tracking to ensure actions are implemented according to the required time frame.
  • Email alerts on upcoming audits and action verification
  • Keep track of your audit schedule electronically
  • Audit results link directly to CAPA module
  • Link processes to document control for ease of use in audit

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