SMART Tooling

Management pain and challenges :

  • Hard to keep track tool life & service due date ? 
  • Too much of paper work to handle tooling doc & track tooling history?
  • Many NCs during customer audit or ISO audit ?
  • Very hard to keep track tooling service / repair status ?
  • Difficulties to monitor tooling maintenance and repair cost ?

How Tooling Management System can help you ? 

It is a fully featured, affordable and easy to use system. The key module consists of tooling master list, tooling movement tracking, tool life monitoring, tooling repair and maintenance,  and comprehensive dashboard with Smart Filtering function.  Stay in control of tool life monitoring with innovative dashboards and email reminders. Runs on a single PC or scales to a multi-plant network. One-time license fee with data import service. 

A system covers the whole spectrum of tooling management activities :

Key benefits : Reduce operation cost, increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction, improve tooling traceability and auditor or customer compliance.  

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