Blue Ocean Cloud Based Smart SCM

Today’s business supply chains for complex products are likely to involve a number of autonomous organizations. The competitive market requires that these supply chains are highly agile, effective and efficient. Agility and effectiveness are obtained by forming highly dynamic virtual enterprises (VE) within supplier networks. All these highlight the importance of information technology in integrating suppliers and other partners’ firms in a virtual enterprise and supply chain.

Blue Ocean’s Approach and Technology
Supply chain management (SCM) is a way of obtaining horizontal integration benefits without its formal ownership costs. SCM, the integration of key business processes among industry partners, adds value to customers, tightly links together several consecutive elements of the industry value chain, from upstream suppliers, to subassembly manufacturers, to final manufacturers, to distributors, to retailers, to end-customers.

Below is the diagram of proven Blue Ocean Cloud-Based Supply Chain Management System. Cloud tools can bring a lot of value to an organization. Thanks to their inherent flexibility and very low start- up cost. The below mentioned SCM system going to help an organization to increase operation performance and profitability.

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