E-Quality Planning System

Blue Ocean Electronic Quality Planning System

For mass production environment, especially for those factory dealing with high variety of components or parts, quality or engineering personnel will involve in handling large amount of engineering drawings which eventually will transform into quality inspection and measurement sheet through manual data entry in Excel spread sheet. For high precision components or parts which involves few hundred dimension in a piece of engineering drawing, this a tedious task and incur high change of human error. When there is engineering change, the revision of QC check sheet could be another key issue for future tractability.

Blue Ocean Electronic Quality Planning System allow user to import the master QC check sheet (Excel spread sheet) which may be created by using InspectionXpert for pdf software into the system. Once a newly created check sheet is imported to the system, it will go through pre-defined review and approval process through electronic form. Auto email will be triggered when someone has been identified as PIC to approve certain check sheet. When there is engineering change, revision of check sheet can be controlled through revision history. It enables the user to keep track the available QC check sheet.

Master check sheet may be split into child check sheet according to single production process or combination of processes which eventually will be issued to sub-contractor or for internal usage. Each child check sheet could be exported to Excel spread sheet with printed bar code for future lot tractability purposes. This system could be integrated with shop floor QC system for online measurement and SPC monitoring.


  • Increase productivity – child check sheet can be generated from master check sheet
  • Reduce manpower to create and maintain QC check sheet when there is engineering change
  • Paperless quality control environment
  • Comprehensive revision control for better traceability
  • Online review and approval system
  • Ensure user use the latest QC check sheet
  • Barcode system on the QC check sheet will expedite the entire QC tracking process


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