SMART Warehouse Management System

“Warehouse management means making sure your warehouse operations run in the most optimal way possible.”

Current challenges :

 a. Hard to track the actual location of stock items
 b. Difficult to implement FIFO control
 c. High operation cost due to too much of paper work and manual operation.
 d. Material traceability issue because there is no integration between warehouse operation and current ERP system
 e. Too much of manual data entry and cause human error & low productivity

Key components of SMART WMS

Managing inventory is a big factor in many businesses, particularly in manufacturing. Below is the key components of SMART WMS which allow management to have full control and visibility to support efficient operations.

 a. Barcode / RFID tag for data collection
 b. System integration especially with the existing ERP
 c. Big data analytics to analyze inventory values and movement for optimum results.
 d. Real time alert on abnormality
 e. Material tracking and traceability
 f. Streamline existing process through necessary automation

Key benefits of Implementing SMART WMS :

  • Reduce warehouse operation cost with less resources
  • Reliable inventory data for higher order fulfillment
  • Higher productivity and better utilization of space
  • Reliable material traceability system
  • Real time inventory report
  • Fully integrated system

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