Big Data Analytics

In this information edge, most of the organizations have plenty of data especially generated from ERP, production monitoring, QC measurement, delivery monitoring, finance & inventory monitoring. Many department heads and top management are struggle with tedious and time consuming report compilation.


This situation becomes worst especially when it comes to month end. Large portion of time and effort is used for this non productive report compilation activities. However, the accuracy of the report is questionable because of high chance of human error. Furthermore, whenever there are changes or the need to customize report, IT personnel will be engaged to complete the task.


By using the latest technology, a plant performance dashboard could be designed to capture online information from various sources such as ERP, warehouse inventory system, QC measurement system, process monitoring system, or simply from Excel spread sheet. The design of dashboard can be customized according to individual organization needs.

The system is so robust even allow users to make their own changes without the help from IT personnel. The information display on the dashboard may include finance, quality status, delivery status, supplier quality performance, inventory of work in progress, payment status, actual cost vs standard cost, etc. Instant information could obtain without much hassle. Furthermore, the dashboard is “live” which allow users to interact with the data.



  • Instant information on company profitability and cash flow.
  • Management has complete picture on what happening in the company without the need to chase department heads to submit report.
  • Enable department heads to do more value added job instead of tedious report compilation.
  • Allow fast improvement actions to be taken before the problem becomes worst.
  • Better operational control result in higher customer satisfaction.
  • Elimination of manual data entry and human error.
  • Instant information on plant performance for immediate improvement actions.

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